The student path

Professional Pilot

Become an Airline Pilot


You want to be a professional pilot, but you’re starting out at the ground level. International Pilot School provides the most affordable training and has the experience to get you in the air and to help make you one of the most professional pilots in the industry. As a student enrolled in the Professional Pilot Program, you will initiate your training with the Private pilot, instrument rating and Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Course with Single-Engine Add-On (20 weeks). This comprehensive program will provide you with the foundation to begin your career.

Step by step guideline

  • Step 1 - Private Pilot Single Engine Certification

  • Step 2 - Instrument Rating Course

  • Step 3 - Time Building

  • Step 3 - Commercial / Multi-Engine Certification

  • Step 3 - Single-Engine Add-On


If you are over the age of 17 and hold a FAA Class III medical certificate , you can join this course. Other requirements apply depending on the course.

Course Duration

Based on a full time study schedule, 5 days a week, you will expect to finish any of these courses within 4 months.

PART 61 Zero hours to Commercial Pilot 250 Hours



Private Pilot


Hour building


Instrument Rating


Commercial Pilot Single-engine


Commercial Pilot Multi-engine