License Convervison

PPL Conversion

It is very popular for foreign pilots to come to the U.S. to convert their Foreign Pilot License to a FAA Pilot License. This process is surprisingly easy, and International Pilot School has years of experience in performing these conversions.

The FAA makes provision for foreign-based pilots to obtain a US Private Pilot License issued on the basis of their foreign pilot license and medical. The form you would submit is a Verification of Authenticity of a Foreign Pilot License and Medical Certificate application. Once the FAA receives this completed form and legible copies of your pilot license, ratings and medical, they will then contact the issuing agency to verify the authenticity of your license, ratings and medical, and then the FAA will send you a Letter of Authenticity. You would then simply present your Letter of Authenticity, pilot license and medical, and your passport to our pilot examiner, and you will then be issued a Temporary Airman Certificate (a US Private Pilot License). Your permanent certificate will arrive in the mail in 5 or 6 weeks, but you don’t have to wait for the permanent certificate to start flying. That Temporary Airman Certificate is just as valid as the permanent license. Here are the steps to follow to obtain your FAA Private Pilot License, issued on the basis of your foreign-based pilot license and medical:

How to do it?

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If you want us to take care of the process, just fill out the enrollment form and send us the copy of your medical certificate with your pilot license.

CPL/IR Conversion

You’re probably wondering when am I going to get paid to fly instead of paying for all that flight time ? It’s time to get serious, it’s time to get your Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot license. Once obtained it allows you to fly aircraft for hire.This course is the beginning of your career as a Commercial Pilot. Upon completion of this course you will be employable for various commercial pilot jobs.

Course Duration

It should expect to take 4-5 weeks. Quote based on FAA minimum flight time required, extra training will be charged at same hourly rate.

FAR 61 Instrument Rating/Commercial Multi Engine both Combined




Dual Beechcraft Duchess


Ground training


Written Knowledge Tests

Practical Test