Flight Training Programs

Flight Training Overview

The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained pilot!

Earning your pilot’s license is a rewarding and challenging experience. With several aircraft, safety pilots & instructors available for all your training needs, you can obtain your licenses within months. International Pilot School instructors are FAA certified to instruct private pilot, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, ATP, and flight instructor training.

Whether you want to start building a full aviation career, or you just want to get your Private Pilot License for a hobby, International Pilot School will guide you through the process while you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Miami Beach & surrounding areas.

Career Steps

*You may choose to do either license individually or choose to enroll in our Professional Pilot Program (Zero Time – CPL Single & Multi) (0 – 250 hours)

We are leaders in the time building business & can help you achieve any amount of time needed for any type of aviation future you decide to have!
- International Pilot School